In all there are over one thousand two hundred articles on display at the museum. Below we have displayed a small selection which were not grouped into the other collections. To see all the items, please visit us.

Slatted drying floor on which a layer of hops were put and then dried.

Inside the kiln. The vaulting at the back used to go all the way round and housed four furnaces to dry the hops (see the slatted drying floor at the top of the picture).

Tables have been put on the cooling floor to display the wide array of small objects, which are held by the museum. In total there are about 350 items displayed on this floor.

In 1998 the Alkham W.I. gave us a canning machine, which was used in WWII (the picture is from a wartime book) and is upstairs in the oast house attached to the side of one of the trestle tables.

Every year in September small steam engine enthusiasts some to the museum .

Apples were crushed and then taken to be pressed to make cider.

A corn cleaner. This was driven by the weight of the corn falling on the paddles at the back making the bottom mechanism move separating the corn from waste material.

Corn mill - could either mill grain or grind it.

A hay press. The press compressed the bale, which was then secured with string.

Donated by army and used to grind grain (for animal feed).

A root chopper. This chopped root vegetables, such as turnips, into smaller pieces for animal feed.

A selection of shepherd's crooks from various counties around the country.

From Ireland, sprayed pest killer etc. on crops.

A timber jigger. There are various other names but it was used for pulling tree trunks out of the forest.

One craft book produced by the museum was the "rake maker". The tine former made the tines or teeth of the rakes.

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