Barrel makingBarrel making - Shown resting on a pig killing form are some of the cooper's tools which were used for making barrels.


Butter makingButter making-  In the museum we have a range of butter churns, which include the plunger, box and barrel churn. There is also a butter worker to remove excess whey and also a cheese press.


BlacksmithBlacksmith - We have a range of blacksmith's tools including large and small bellows, tools and an anvil

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For group bookings or general enquiries, please contact:


The Hon. Curator, Brian Wimsett

01304 824969

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The Agricultural Museum Brook,
The Street,
Ashford, Kent.
TN25 5PF

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Between the beginning of June to mid-September, the museum is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 14:00 to 17:00.

For further details, please see Opening Times and Prices